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Sit-Stand-Move Solution: Height Adjustable Desk + Under Desk Bikes V9U

  • Enable effortless sit- stand work style 

  • Balance your work and workout at the same time

Additional Information

Support better posture

Professionally designed desktop ensures your monitor is at a natural height and distance for your eyes and neck.

flexispot sit-stand-move solution sit
Enable effortless sit- stand work style

Sitting for too long can impede proper circulation and cause uncomfortable swelling of the ankles and feet. Easily transition from sitting to standing to improve circulation and lower your risk of developing heart disease

flexispot sit-stand-move solution stand
Balance your work and workout at the same time

Pedaling while working is picking up speed in the modern office, with the FlexiSpot V9U desk bike leading the charge. The V9U offers the most comfortable, convenient operation on the market, and pairs perfectly with a height-adjustable table. This low-impact machine is ideal for improving your health and productivity. 

flexispot sit-stand-move solution move

Height adjustable desk specifications:

Electric Height Adjustable Desks (E1/EC1) Electric Height Adjustable Desks (E6)
Lifting mechanism Motor Motor
No. of leg stage 2-stage 3-stage
Height adjustments 27.9"-47.6" 24.8"-49.6"
Horizontal adjustments 32.6"-50.7"
Lift speed  1"/sec  1.5"/sec
Memory presets Yes, 3 memory presets (not available for EC1) 0-99 mins customized reminder setting
Weight capacity 154 lbs 220 lbs
Applied desktop size  39.3" -63" in width and 19.6"-31.5" in depth   60" in width and 30" in depth 
Noice level under 50 dBs under 50 dBs
Certification FCC,UL FCC,UL,BIFMA
Warranty 3 year warranty for motors and 5 year warranty for frame 3 year warranty for motors and 5 year warranty for frame

Under desk bike specifications:

Color  White
Product dimension  37.6" (L) x 22.8" (W) x 29.6"- 37.2" (H)
Seat height adjustable range 29.6"- 37.2" 
Item Weight 51 pounds
Height range Ideal fit for people between 5'1" and 6'2" (155-190)  8 level magnetic tension resistance  Weight capacity: 300 lbs
Tax  No Tax: Sales Tax applied in CA,TN only

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Sit-Stand-Move Solution: Height Adjustable Desk + Under Desk Bikes V9U